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Monetary Prize Determination

The page on Prizes states that the "VA will award monetary prizes of as much as $3 Million to as many as three entrants" and that "judges will determine the number and amount of monetary prizes" and they may "determine that no prize will be awarded."

We wanted to find out what makes the difference between being awarded $50, $500, $500K, $1 Million, etc.

- What determines the monetary value of the prizes for entrants that meet the needs of the challenge?

- Will the monetary value be determined subjectively or will it be based on how many requirements the entrant's solution meets?

We look forward to your response. Thank you!

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  • Manager   •   over 10 years ago

    The purpose of the VA's contest is to uncover innovative approaches to the process of scheduling medical appointments. Doing this effectively will allow the VA to offer improved service to veterans while saving the taxpayers money. The contest announcement sets forth many of the VA's requirements for any medical appointments system. To qualify for a prize, contestants must submit entries that address all these requirements satisfactorily. Failure to satisfactorily meet all requirements will result in being ineligible for a prize award. The higher the quality of the winning submissions that satisfactorily meets all requirements, the higher the monetary awards may be

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