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Non-technical ideas for VistA Scheduling

Subject line: Included non-technical ideas for VistA Challenge.

Reason: Inspiration or a good idea may come from any source or person.

Example: A web designer can write HTML code that can build a website with links, pictures, and videos for millions to see. However, a marketing and advertiesement expert would best putting a team together for proper colors and layout the website should have. A knowledgeable person of cultural diversity would know what colors and words are offensive in other countries. Such as the color White in China represents death, so if the webmaster is trying to convey fun in China has a white themed website, the webmaster is actually reflecting something different from what the intention was.

My observation of the VistA scheduling Challenge.

Reason: Customers have missed (Dental appointments) appointments even when getting 24 hours notice remidnders resutling in time lost.
For users with mobile phones: Create a program that can generate a text friendly reminder (24 hours notice and optional the day of the appoinmtent).
The customer saves the text and replies back on the day of the appointment with a pre set menu. The menus options are displayed below:

1-On my way,
3-Running late xx minutes
4-Cancel, pleas reschedule

This two-way communication saves time on no shows and late arrivals.

Card swipe or App swipe: Entry points (doors) or appointmen desk has a swipe scanners would send a text message to Doctors that the customer is in the facility. This does not confirm the appointment, that process must still takes place.

Dial tone phones can call a number using options 1, 3, and 4

Thank you,

Dr. Ronald Bradshaw
IT Analyst


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