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Clarification Request re: IP declarations at point of Registration

In the Federal Register announcement, Sections 5 and 6 require submitters to attest to owning all of the Intellectual Property contained within the submission, and that all of the software as part of the submission can and will be conveyed as part of the submission. The announcement stipulates that this is part of the registration process. We request clarification indicating that the above stipulations must be made by the May 13 closing date, and that only submissions that have so stipulated will be reviewed/evaluated.

Explanation: Requiring these IP attestations at the point of initial registration provides advantage to existing product vendors and limits the ability for integration-based solutions to participate. The Scheduling challenge has a broad base of requirements potentially requiring use of multiple components from multiple sources. The contest period will allow for components to be assessed and selected based upon their value, determine where to leverage commercial-off-the-shelf, and to conduct negotiations to secure rights permissions to use components of interest. The ability to provide an initial attestation that could be revised prior to submission and evaluation would accommodate this engineering work.


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    It is understood that this is a development process and that contestants are likely to have changes in the intellectual property (IP), as well as in the open source components used. Accordingly, at the time of submission for judging, the contest rules state that:
    “ 2. The letter submitted by the registered contestant at the time of registration is incorporated by reference and the contents of that letter are in all respects ratified and confirmed. Provided, however, that contestants may at their option amend the contents of the following sections of the registration letter:
    a. Section 4(a)(3), relating to a listing of the owners of all IP incorporated into the contestant’s entry;
    b. Section 4(a)(4), relating to the components of the entry which the contestant will designate as open source;”
    By allowing the contestant to amend the IP and component listings at the time of submission, the contest makes clear allowances for the dynamics which occur during the development process.

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    Thank you for the clarification.

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