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Judging Update

This is in reference to the Judging update from two months ago. http://vascheduling.challenge.gov/updates/664

I cannot locate section 6 in reference to this statement:
"Basis on which a winner will be selected. (See section 6 for judging procedures and point system.) Winners will be selected from entries that demonstrate[2] to the satisfaction of the judges that they:". Where is it?

Also, suggest renumbering/reformatting paragraphs in the Judging update. The way it is formatted is confusing in determining compliance by referencing sections/subsections with same letter ("a", "b", "c", etc..) applying to multiple areas of the document.

In section b.1.c, it is states " VA contemplates that substantial portions of this evaluation will be conducted by OSEHRA, using Contestant-supplied automated scripts. These scripts will address a set of eight (8) use cases defined in documentation available on the Contest Web Site. Any entry that does not demonstrate Open Source VistA Compatibility to the satisfaction of the judges will be disqualified and will not be further considered for a prize."

The only judge listed for this competition is Roger Baker, VA CIO. Since Roger Baker announced his upcoming departure from the VA last week, who will be the new judge(s) for this competition? Are you going to list the members of OSEHRA performing the test and evaluation as stated in b.1.c?

Thank you.

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    Section 6 refers to the Federal Register announcement of the contest which can be found here:


    Only VA personnel will be involved in the judging of the contestants. Contractors, including OSEHRA, are assisting with contest support functions only. While the judging will be based on the information generated during the evaluation, a process has been put in place to mask the identity of the contestants from the judges during the judging process. This ensures that all decisions are based solely upon the merits of the submission.

    The VA reserves the right to appoint judge(s) in order to ensure the fairness and success of the contest.

    The identities of personnel involved in the evaluation process will not be disclosed to ensure the fairness of the contest.

    Contest Administrator

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