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Possibly Incorrect Linux Build

When I logged into our two different linux builds, both are setup exactly the same, but are missing the file installVistAinUserAccount.sh referenced in "/root/src/VistA-installation-scripts/Scripts/README.txt". That file doesn't exist in that directory. Also, in the second line of "runDashboardBuildWithoutMUnit.sh" it references "$HOME/OSEHRA/VistA-installation-scripts/Scripts/setupEnvironmentVariables.sh" which doesn't exist after having run all of the setup scripts, making me wonder if the instance is properly set up.

Is there something I'm missing from the supplied documentation? The build was set up with all of the scripts (minus the one mentioned) to build the environment located in "/root/src/VistA-installation-scripts" instead of (what I assume) should be the "[account]/OSEHRA/VistA-installation-scripts" folder, which both the root and contestant accounts dont have.

Copying the scripts folder to there produces other errors, but I want to first address this one to see what the initial problem is.

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    This question has been answered via private message to the contestant.

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