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TCMS - Use Case 3

- Create Patient Appointment - TCMS Use Case 3
Is it acceptable to switch Steps 2 and 4 in this use case without penalty by the evaluation team ?
(i.e. Patient validation and verification by parsing applicable patient CCD XML segments or HealtheVet PIR (abbi)
for return data before a selection of a calendar appointment with a PACT, clinic or non-primary facility is made).


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    Step 1 evaluation will be performed in sequential order as described in the contest documentation. It is not acceptable to alter the order or structure of the tests.

    Contest Administrator

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    OK. Thanks. Will run additional loop to fit TCMS Use Case 3.
    VA terminal UI selects appointment prior to patient selection.

    Would you have a ballpark estimate on the projected number
    of appt. calendar instances that might run systemwide at any
    given time on deployment. Is 8000-10000 instances close ?

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