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VistA Apps CPRS data retrieval

I am trying to see the data through CPRS Query Tool. I log in as a Doctor but I am only able to retrieve one row of data. This is through my ca-windows vm. This occurs when I select Abnormal Results and filter from Apr 2003 to Apr 2013 with all Wards selected. Is there a step I am missing to retrieve the data?


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    The Virtual Machines (VMs) have a very limited amount of data. The VM that has the most data is VISN0 (The California instance). The other VMs only have the data that was introduced via testing scripts for the purpose of demonstrating Scenario #1.

    When using the CPRS Query Tool in the California VM, as indicated by the contestant, it is normal to get only one row as a result. This is, in this case:


    It is up to contestants to introduce in the VMs the data required to demonstrate the scenarios required for the contest. This information must be fictitious, and must not include any personal information from real patients.

    Examples on how to introduce data in the VMs have been provided in Python scripts. These scripts can be found in the contestant user account under the directory:


    Data to feed these Python scripts can be found in the JSON files, which can be identified by the ".json" extension.

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