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cMake Test Framework Options

Is cmake the only accepted tool for building the automated tests? Can other test tools be used?
Could other test tools be launched by cmake?

I am assuming in all cases that the test scripts whether implemented with cmake or an alternative tool would be open source would be open source per the existing rules and the automated procedures and documentation for setting up and tearing down the tests would be provided as part of the submission consistent with the rules.


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    We do not strictly require that CMake be used, but it is very strongly encouraged. CMake is a major component of the open source testing architecture at OSEHRA and is the testing language of the open source community. The primary reason for this is the flexibility of the CMake environment. Any test that can be called from a command line or encapsulated in a testing script can be called and executed from CMake. Encapsulating your tests in the CMake environment is a minimal burden that allows the testers to concentrate only on the testing results and not on the mechanics of the testing, limiting the possibilities for error and increasing your chances of a successful test execution. All submissions will be considered and need to work reliably, even if not compliant with the CMake environment.

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