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Attachment A Requirements Clarification

1. Are these requirements. and the like, validated against VistA?

- 3.1.4 says that "The system shall provide the ability to verify patient information, display eligibility, and display a warning if there is an inconsistency between service requested and eligibility".
- 3.7.6 says that "The system shall check availability and status of all resources, including telecommunications system availability, for a clinical video telehealth session"

Please advise.

2. 3.7.4 says "The system shall have the capability to receive notification of expired/deceased patients from authoritative source and take appropriate action such as cancel future appointments/ancillary services/orders, etc."

From which organization would these notifications come from and in what format?

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    VistA and its scheduling system satisfy an extensive set of requirements. The purpose of the scheduling contest is to retain valued capabilities that are present and to explore new capabilities that are not present in the existing system. The contest requirements make no attempt to specify which requirements are and which requirements are not already satisfied by the existing implementation of the scheduling functionality.

    The question of an authoritative source and format of notices concerning deceased patients would be of interest should the VA intend on acquiring a contestant's submission, but is essentially beside the point for the purposes of the contest. It is sufficient for a submission to accept such notices in a plausible format.

    Contest Administrator

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