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Submission Checklist Clarifications

1. The checklist states that we need to include a traceability matrix relating VA requirements to demonstrations. Does the word "demonstrations" refer to the 8 use cases already provided or are we expected to create our own list of use cases?

2. We noticed that not all requirements on the Attachments are actually tested with the use cases. Does this mean that every single requirement on the attachments have to have a corresponding test script on the matrix?

3. The checklist does not mention anything about creating a website, marketing materials, and the like. Are we expected to provide those as well? If not, are we allowed to include them in our submission?

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  • Manager   •   about 9 years ago

    Contestants are encouraged to review the instructions on the contest website. There are three distinct evaluation steps to the contest. Successful completion of the eight (8) use cases is the Step 1 testing portion of the contest. Step 2A consists of a live demonstration of capabilities for an evaluation team and Step 2B evaluates the quality of the open source submission.

    Contestants are permitted to provide any information which they believe to be helpful in the evaluation process. However, the submission of marketing materials is not a requirement of the contest and is not encompassed in the evaluation process.

    Contest Administrator

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