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Can we get a more representative data set?

Hey moderators (or any generous contestants with links to such resources),

Is it possible to get some more representative blocks of data for testing and prototyping? I know that Scenario001 gives us a nice start, but the lofty goals of the system will lead us into nooks and crannies of the database that aren't touched there.

Seeing just how "messy" some real (anonymized) production data are would be really helpful.

Totally understand if that's outside the scope of what you can provide, but I figured I'd ask. :) I guess whoever wins would have more runway to explore those sticky issues.




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    There's a bunch of test data inside of the CA VM under CPM. Click on the blue cube and go to System Management. The username and password is admin/password. Then go to Data Management->SQL->Browse SQL Schemas->VHAINO.

    Filter by "appointment" and on the Appointment table (not Appointments) click on Open Table.

    The extra test data doesn't exist in the linux VM's btw, so you'll have to export and import if you want it in there.

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    Refer to http://vascheduling.challenge.gov/forum_topics/2128 if you want to see how to access that via PHP.

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    Yeah, I got the database connection going, but at the moment I'm finding it necessary to get and set some data through telnet... which seems highly fragile depending on how consistent the data and site-to-site setups are.

    Oh well. I'll just keep goin' and expanding my unit tests as I break stuff.

    Has anyone else noticed that ODBC doesn't seem to expose the patient record table? I just get errors. I'm assuming it's a built in privacy/security thing.

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    Oh, nevermind.

    ODBC works fine on the PATIENT data, so long as I don't do a SELECT *

    If I enumerate the fields I need, it works. :)

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