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System ca-e8WC6WPM.vacloud.us has blue screened

System ca-e8WC6WPM.vacloud.us has blue screened on 6/10 and 6/12. Another unexpected shutdown occurred on 5/31 but no debug information was available. An analysis of the minidmp files has indicated the possible root cause to be the XENUTIL.SYS driver. This is a hypervisor level component and we need assistance to determine the appropriate course of action to ensure compatibility with the underlying infrastructure.

** Is there anyone from the VA or the hosting facility who can correct this issue or let us know what version is acceptable so we can update appropriately? **

The information obtained from the debug is included below:

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\itsme\Documents\Scheduling\BS\061213-19234-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*your local folder for symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (2 procs) Free x64
Product: Server, suite: Enterprise TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.18113.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`01413000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`01656670
Debug session time: Tue Jun 11 20:52:32.998 2013 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: 1 days 0:46:02.888
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
Probably caused by : XENUTIL.SYS ( XENUTIL+2dcc )
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for XENUTIL.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for XENUTIL.SYS


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    This is a known issue with older versions of Xentools. To resolve this issue you will need to update to the newest version. To do this please see the following knowledge base article:

  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Thank you for posting guidance. The following excerpt was taken from the article.

    “We strongly recommend backing up any important data (and possibly taking a snapshot of your server) before attempting the installation, to be on the safe side.”

    VA: we are requesting a snapshot of the CA system before we move on this. Please advise.

  •   •   over 10 years ago


    Please provide a snapshot of this system: http://ca-4opq0mqg.vacloud.us/

    Thank you.

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    Requesting a low-level operating system patch hours before a contest submission on a production system is asking the submitters to incur a significant amount of risk. This does not allow for adequate review, testing, impact analysis, etc. What provisions will the government make if applying this patch adversely affects submissions?

  •   •   over 10 years ago

    To clarify, our preference is to leave the environment as it is, with the contest evaluators recognizing that machine crashes of this sort are implications of the contest furnished environment and should not be held against submissions as part of the evaluation process. (e.g., "bouncing" a machine during evaluation resulting from this virtual machine software bug)

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