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over 10 years ago

Criteria for Evaluation of Open Source Compatibility

Please view this document in entirety in PDF format at

This evaluation will allocate 30 points that will contribute to the final score of the contestant. In order to apply for these 30 points the components must be under an OSI-Approved License (see for details).

1. License of the Scheduling Package is Open Source (5 points) An explicit LICENSE file must be in the VM. These points are split as:

     a. License compatible with the Apache 2.0 License (2 points)

     b. Specific use of the Apache 2.0 License (3 points)

2. Scheduling+VistA Integration code is openly available in the VM (5 points)

3. Overall descriptive documentation for the integration code (4 points)

4. Adequate documentation for code (APIs) and instructions for installation. (4 points)

5. Integration code and modification to VistA pass the XINDEX SAC Checker  (3 points) without resulting in failures or warnings to any one of the routines.

     a. No new F- (failure) messages

     b. No new W- (warning) messages

6. If any M Routines have been modified,  (1 points) then the Routine Headers have been appropriately written/updated using this format:

{routinename} ; {companyabbreviation}/{dev initials} ; {date of last change};;{};{package};**{patch stream (if applicable)}**;{date of creation};{build number}

7. Report on whether VistA modifications have appropriate MUnit tests. (2 points)

8. Do the tests in Item 7 above pass? (2 points)

9. Do VistA modifications include installation method into current VistA-FOIA  (2 points) (such as KIDS File or equivalent)

10. Do the installation method provided in Item 9 above install cleanly  (2 points)