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Non-Functional Requirements - Attachment C


NFR Characteristic NFR
Sub-characteristic NFR Statement
1 Functionality   
1.1   The Scheduling Solution shall be capable of providing configurable error messages, work flows, and alerts.  
1.2  Accuracy 
1.2.1  The Scheduling Solution shall display appointment time with appropriate time zones.
1.3  Interoperability 
1.3.1  The Scheduling Solution shall support content transportation standards and implementation specifications set forth in 45 CFR 170.205.         1.3.2  The Scheduling Solution shall be capable of navigating seamlessly among related modules throughout the end-to-end scheduling process.      1.4  Security 
1.4.1   The Scheduling Solution shall be able to support secure messaging

2 Usability 
2.1 Understandability 
2.1.1    The Scheduling Solution shall be self-descriptive and explain itself through cues (e.g., screen, area, and group titles indicating the purpose of the respective interface element; on-screen instructions/diagrams; explanations/answers that are available on request; no implicit assumptions about how users are expected to behave that would contradict users' expectations; and feedback is given on user actions, system actions, and the system state    
2.1.2    The Scheduling Solution shall be usable across multiple operating systems, browsers, and platforms.

3 Maintainability 
3.1  Analyzability 
3.1.1   The Scheduling Solution shall be capable of providing transaction logs, error logs and audit trails for pertinent scheduling transactions.  
3.2  Testability 
3.2.1   The Scheduling Solution shall provide criteria to enable the measurement to test pieces of code or functionality, or a provision added in software so that test plans and scripts can be executed systematically.