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over 10 years ago


Numbers and Amounts of Prizes 

  1. VA will award monetary prizes of as much as $3 Million to as many as three entrants that deliver demonstration software or service which the judges determine delivers the required functionality and is compatible with Open Source VistA, as described in this notice.  
  2. Judges will determine the number and amount of monetary prizes.  Judges may determine that no prize will be awarded.
  3. VA may consider compatibility with Open Source VistA as demonstrated in this contest when considering proposals in any subsequent procurement of MSP-related product(s).

Payment of Prizes

a)    Prior to payment of any prize, an apparent winner must execute (at VA’s option, under oath or affirmation) such documents as VA may reasonably require, including but not limited to:

  1. Declarations and certifications that relate to the apparent winner’s eligibility to participate in this contest, the absence of any disqualifying factor, the assumption of risks and acquisition of any insurance required by the rules,
  2. The conveyance of any intellectual property required by the rules, and
  3. Any other matter that VA may reasonably require, including but not limited to information reasonably necessary for VA to make payment via electronic funds transfer and issue IRS Forms 1099 according to VA’s fiscal policy.