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over 10 years ago

General Anouncement

The Department of Veterans Affairs would like to remind contestants to become familiar with the contest rules ( concerning requirements for registration, eligibility, and intellectual property. As a reminder, it’s each potential contestant’s responsibility to determine and certify their eligibility to participate in this contest. VA will not make determinations regarding a potential candidate’s eligibility until a completed and signed registration letter is submitted that addresses all areas of the rules of eligibility.

It is also important that contestants familiarize themselves with the Contestant Process Overview ( prior to posting questions or comments to VA using the “Discussions” section on the official contest website (

VA may choose not to respond to any question or comment, or to delete questions or comments that the Department determines are not relevant to the competition or which seek technical guidance. VA’s responses on the “Discussion” section of the contest website are not official guidance.

As the contest moves forward, please click on the Updates tab on the official contest website for additional information.